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Invest in Freedom
Newton's 3rd Law of Physics:
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Children surviving in commercial sexual exploitation fear the future because they cannot see an end to suffering. We fear living wasted lives, growing old and dying forgotten.

When you invest in the lives of survivors of human trafficking they find their freedom. You give them a future that they never imagined possible.

In doing so, in taking action RIGHT NOW, and equal and opposite reaction is sparked. Those courageous survivors can teach you how to embrace your weaknesses, how to walk through betrayal and tragedy, how to face the death you fear & they give you a legacy.

When You Invest in Compass 31
You CHANGE THE WORLD in 3 Ways...


Working closely with local officials & government agencies children previously bought, sold and raped-for-profit are 
brought into a Compass 31 restoration program.


Through a Christ-centered, holistic model survivors are embraced by family & find healing as they receive medical care, counseling & an education up to & through university.

Cultural Revolution

Once exploited, but no longer victims, Compass 31 participants move from captivity to being catalyst for cultural change 
& then into lives of purpose & impact.
Pray for Justice

Freedom Fighter's
31 Day Prayer Guide

Jesus is in the red light districts. He is in the refugee camps. His is in the dark caves of those fleeing genocide. Jesus alone can move exploited peoples from captivity to catalyst. This is your invitation to join Him. Your prayers are the vehicle to their freedom & their redemption.  
Human Trafficking Prevention
Use this tool to educate others 
in your community, school, church or workplace. 
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela
Priceless Cube is a seven-panel, puzzle cube that unfolds and flips to reveal images that emphasize key elements to understand Human Trafficking. 

This proven any-language education model uses the oldest form of communication... transferable storytelling through images. PricelessCube is adaptable to the environment you're in and relevant to the one who listens.

$9 + Shipping/Handling
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